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Rudolf Jurolek: Básne

About autor (En)

Rudolf Jurolek

Rudolf Jurolek (1956) has published books of poetry: Posunok (Gesture, 1987), Dobrovoľná samota (Voluntary Solitude, 1994), Putovanie Jakuba z Rána (Voyage of Jakub from the Morning, 1996), Hierografia (Hierography, 1999), Život je možný (Life is Possible, 2007, in German "Das Leben ist möglich", Klagenfurt 2008 and 2014), Smrekový les (Spruce Forest, 2009) and Poľné vety (Field Sentences, 2013). He is also autor of "book-artefact" with he title Poetry of Silence and Fulness, that has five exemplars and contains only blank pages. Translations of his poems were published in anthologies in Poland, Czech Republic and in Germany.
He has worked as technologist, secondary school teacher and journalist. Currently, he acts as redactor in Publishing hous Skalná Ruža. 


Prize for poetry for literature from Eastern and Southeastern Europe Bank Austria Literaris 2008 (Life is Possible).

Prize of journal Romboid 2010.